Cherish Your Home

The word “housework” can turn a Saturday morning into a weekend drudgery. There is mopping, vacuuming, and scouring. What if there was a way to change the homemaking skills and chores into something pleasant and actually enjoyable?

The answer lies in just simply changing the words and your mindset into an adventure, a challenge, and an act of caring and love. We can call it “cherishing home” or something in that order and it would be a play on words, certainly, but it would also be a play on the four rooms in which each person exists; namely, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We all have this house inside of us with the four rooms and in this house we are the gatekeeper and the door opener. We are in charge of the windows and doors and therefore we can let in the sunshine or pull the curtains together and live out our days in doom and gloom. Whichever you choose, no matter if you are man or woman, this is your existence, your domain, and your crowning jewel if you so desire. It is also the map for planning an actual physical home, no matter the location, size, or price.

Some view their “physical” homes as a retreat from the cares and stresses of the world; while others picture a castle, with moat and dangerous dragons to protect what is theirs. Even in economically bad times, you still have this “home” to maintain and you still have to account for each of the rooms. If you are of sane mind and even if the edges are fraying a bit, you can make a difference and it can be one of profound joy and achieve- ment. Your private space, your home, or even your room is exactly what you make it. If you choose carefully the furnishings then you are taking a step forward. If you accessorize with delightful pillows, artful throw rugs and vases filled with blooms that were made in heaven, then you are reaching a pinnacle of success in transforming four walls, a floor and a ceiling into a treasure cove of ideas, inspiration, and creativity. Any form of personal expression can make an existence unique, and when you throw in enjoyment, stability and tranquility, then there is not a building or foundation that will lament being called “a home.”

Your home that you live in alone, share with family, or have friends and relatives over to visit, it can be a true sanctuary of beauty, comfort, and protection. It is a harbor of hope and love for everyone who walks across the treshold and it is warm and inviting because emotions are real and love and caring are not artificial but are as true blue as the sky above on a summer day.

If you are old-fashioned enough to enjoy crisp linen table- cloths and cloth napkins, then that is the way to go. Even checkered table coverings can evoke a simplier, more relaxed way of life, or if glass and shiny metal is your forte, then there you are – you are formulating a scene for a cast of players on a stage of your liking. Whether it be a fireplace roaring with a fire and heavily padded lounge chairs in easy reach to read or just sit and dream – then be proud. If, however, wicker and flowers match your personality, then you are indeed right. You see, it doesn’t matter the type of furnishings, what does matter is that you take the time and effort to plan, place, and provide a port for everyone’s ship to come into no matter the condition of the water. It is welcoming and it is you. Your personality and your preferences make it special and match- less. Your family, friends, and assorted critters that you have taken into your home will find your “four rooms” are elevated to true domestic bliss and if the occasion calls for a full nine- course meal, or coffee and brownies, they can count on one thing to be etched in stone. You enjoy your home, you welcome who you are and therefore can honestly welcome everyone because from rocking chairs to damask, it is home to everyone who enters. Kind of nice to be part of this world you have created.