Stop Missing Out – Reclaim Your Family

Isn’t it amazing how times have changed? I remember watching “Leave It To Beaver” when I was little. Everything just seemed simpler some how. The dad was there every morning drinking his coffee and reading the paper while everyone else was getting ready for the day. The kids left for school and the dad left for work. In the evening the kids came home, then the dad came in, and everyone enjoyed each others company. My home life was nothing like that show, but even then, it was simpler than it is now for many of today’s families.

Did you know that in 1900 the average family size was seven or more people? The most common household size today is two people. In 1972 52% of households were considered traditional. Traditional is defined as the father works and the mother stays home. In 1998 that percentage dropped to 21%. Now I am not saying that all women should stay home and not work. There are too many great women out there doing great things for anyone to say that! Please don’t think that I am taking sides, or judging anyone for what they choose to do. I just think that most people feel that they have to work outside of the home to keep their families going – women and men included.

A lot of times it is not a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity. I talk to people all of the time who are looking for time freedom. Many times, the people who are looking for time freedom are not even familiar with that term!

I was one of those people looking for that time freedom. There were many things that we could not do as a family when both my husband and I worked outside of the home. Once I was told that I could not take the day off of work to go to my son’s first field trip. They couldn’t even understand why I would ask to take off of work for such a thing! When all of the adults work, it is hard to coordinate schedules. It is hard to be there for the kids/family activities. Sometimes it is hard to be there for the major holidays!

All too often people feel trapped by what is viewed as normal. It is normal to be so busy that you can’t enjoy being a family unless it is put on the schedule in advance. It is normal for teachers, babysitters, and daycare workers to see your children more than you do. In many cases they know more about your children than you do. It is normal for many parents to miss out on the firsts – first words, first steps, first field trips, first ball games, first recitals, etc…

I do not consider that normal. I am here to tell you that there is another way! You do not have to be June Cleaver vacuuming and cooking in your apron all day. You also do not have to be tied to a job that you only show up for every day in order to make the financial ends meet. Take a look at other options . Stop missing out on all the firsts. Life is just too short for that!