Spiritual Spring Cleaning

One day you open your front door and are greeted by the signs of spring. You notice the daffodils and crocuses have burst into bloom. The air around you feels noticeably lighter. The world of nature and all its creatures are stepping forward to begin the process of rebirth. You take in a deep breathe and feel exhilarated! Each smell is warm and inviting. Daytime is emerging from the shadows of winter, lasting longer, casting a green-golden light on all that is touched. Yes, this is the day you notice spring has arrived! Maybe you are taken back into time, to a memory of a spring day as a child. Suddenly you feel energized, ready to face the days ahead with new desire and enthusiasm.

Many of us welcome springtime with annual rituals. We often feel a strong urge to freshen up, organize, and make changes in our living environment…namely our homes. I would like to suggest that as you begin spring cleaning, whatever that may involve, to seriously consider taking time for yourself and do some spring cleaning of the soul. Approaching this annual event on a holistic level will engage your complete self-body, mind and spirit-in the renewal process.

Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul said “It is impossible to define precisely what the soul is. Soul is not a thing, but a quality or dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. Soul is aligned with love, care, genuineness, connectedness, compassion, intimacy and inner communication. Simple gestures that seemingly take place on the surface of life can have central importance to the soul.”

Often with the hectic schedules of our modern day lives, we forget our need to connect with spirit on a very personal level and that is when our troubles begin. All to often we become buried under situations, events, and emotions. Over time, this small pile of experiences becomes larger and heavier. We begin to struggle for breath. Eventually, we may feel a sense of loss, as if a piece is missing,. We feel a longing for something, but we can’t quite name what that something is. Solutions that used to work for us are no longer effective coping strategies. All these things happen because we lose that connection with our true Self.

It is when we take the time to look deeply into our Self and start to sort through the clutter, that we begin to dig our way back up to the surface. Our self image is programmed in our mind and memories, creating a reflection of who we think we are. This image begins to formulate early in life and is often build upon the good intentions of others-parents, spouses, children , friends. As time progresses, we grow and develop. What was once necessary, may now longer be needed, and in actuality may hinder real progress in staying connected to who we really are. Although it is never an easy task to look closely in the mirror because we may not like what we see, it is an essential task if we want to discover the true meaning and purpose of our existence. Make a clean sweep this season, by following some of the tips of personal spring cleaning listed below.

Personal Tips for Spring Cleaning
Soul Searching is a term one occasionally hears reference to when looking for answers. I have heard the terminology used more in conjunction with an individual who has gotten into trouble of some sort and the authority in charge suggests, in a very forceful manner, that the person better do some Soul Searching! The following checklist contains suggestions if you are beginning the quest of looking for your real Self that may be buried deeply in the foundation of who you. The tips do not contain anything you are hearing for the first time. The point is not to dazzle you with new ideas, instead it is simply, an opportunity to remind you of some beneficial strategies when reconnecting with Spirit

Pay Attention:

What feelings or emotions are creating stress? The first step in any process of growth is to accurately identify the issue. The question to ask yourself: Is there a prolonged emotional state or mood that I find myself trapped in for which I can not find a satisfactory resolution? Without knowing the real cause, you are only grasping at straws in seeking the solution.

Search for Meaning:

After identifying the issue, it becomes necessary to find the meaning that is attached. In this step we must experience the feelings here and learn their significance, only then will we be able to make changes in our behavior and attitudes.

Repattern Outdated Behavior:

When reflecting on the state we are in and the meaning attached to it, we need to examine our current responses. Old patterns usually prove to be ineffective and do little to resolve the conflicting states we find ourselves in, so we then become obligated to repattern. If the old techniques no longer work, then we need to stop spinning our wheels. It is through this reflecting of past events and becoming open to the future, we become empowered by the insights and understanding that we gained through our struggles.

Suggestions to Help Shift Old Behavior Patterns:

1. Appreciate: Be grateful, express appreciation, give thanks.

2. Revise Your Assumptions

3. Energize Yourself- take the time to care for your needs in a way that will help you connect with

your feelings, emotions, body and spirit

4. Replace Negative Self-Talk: use positive imaging and affirmations

5. Feel the Interconnection to everyone and all things in the universe

6. Visualize What You Desire

7. Release and Let Go of that which is not serving you in a beneficial way

Choose Your Attitude:
Choose to replace feelings of helplessness and doubt with feelings of empowerment and connectedness with your Higher Self

The search for who we really are is a lifelong journey of discoveries. It is a path strewn with many emotions, struggles, and opportunities to learn our own particular lessons of truth, that resonates within each of us. It is through this ongoing process of self investigation that we are able to transform the meaningless into the meaningful and find peace, happiness, and the Divine in all that surrounds us! So why not prepare for some deep spiritual spring cleaning this time around?