Winterize Your Exercise Routine

There are many benefits to exercising in winter weather and there are multiple exercise options one can choose to do. During the winter months try to set aside 30 minutes or more on most days of the week for physical activity. By exercising daily you can shake those winter blues. Exercise improves your mood and increases your energy level.

It is best to layer your clothing when exercising outdoors. The layer closest to your skin should allow moisture to be wicked away. Layering provides the most effective heating method, plus it allows you to remove the top layer if you get too hot. Don’t assume that you have to sweat in order to get a good workout.

Drink plenty of fluids. Cold air has a drying effect, which can increase the risk of dehydration. People who are prone to asthma should make sure they carry inhaler, as they are more susceptible to asthma with the cold air. A ten minute warm up and cool down while stretching is especially important in the winter months when it’s easier to cramp up or pull a cold muscle.

If you follow these recommendations you should be able to walk, jog, or play outside through out the winter months!