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Seven Days to Better Health!

If you add one new healthy habit each day for seven days, you will be on the road to better health than you’ve ever experienced. Some of the simplest things in life work the best and this is certainly true of the health tips in this article. A healthy diet is not about restriction, it’s more about ‘crowding out’ bad foods and replacing them with good ones. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just read on and see for yourself!

Improving the Way We Eat

Our ancestors pretty much had a universal eating schedule. Everyone ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at about the same time everyday. And, there wasn’t all the snacking between meals that we have nowadays. Families sat down together to share a relaxed home-cooked meal usually at breakfast and dinner. It was quality family time when they discussed the news of the day and interacted while eating the same kind of food. Because the nature of our bodies is to “rest and digest”, the body likes to be relaxed, inactive and in a peaceful environment when assimilating food. Proper assimilation of the nutrients in food is essential to health, and if we want this assimilation to take place, we need to be calmer when we sit down to meals.

Guide to Eating Naturally

In just a few generations, we have completely transformed what, when and how we eat. We get most of our food from supermarkets and those foods contain chemicals, additives and sweeteners. We eat that stuff along with fried and fast foods. We eat in our cars, at our desks and in front of the TV. We’re usually in such a hurry, we don’t chew our food properly, nor do we take the time to enjoy, smell or taste it. This is why a lot of people nowadays spend time at doctors’ offices complaining of upset stomachs, constipation and many other digestive disorders. It’s time we made this connection and start to remedy it. Better food, eaten in a relaxed atmosphere, equals better health.

Raw Food Diet

During the 60’s and 70’s there were many people who changed their way of life to a more natural way of doing, including their eating habits. That was never entirely lost by some, but went out of vogue for the most part when ‘convenience foods’ made their way onto the scene. Everyone’s lives became busier, a lot of mom’s went to work just like the dad’s and people didn’t have much time to plan and prepare traditional meals for the family anymore. Over time, snacks became processed and packaged rather than a simple apple or carrot sticks. Nowadays, people have begun to notice that we’re not as healthy as we once were. Many people are over-weight or obese, and disease is the norm. Slowly, we’ve come to realize that what we eat most certainly has an effect on all of that and one of the ways we’re making our way back to health is the raw food diet.

How We Get Energy from Proper Nutrition

Did you ever wonder where your energy comes from, and how it is derived from the foods you eat? The truth is, we get energy from carbohydrates, fats and protein, and when you go on restrictive diets, you short-change some systems in your body, and short-change your health.

The Food Industry and The Government

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is the primary government agency responsible for American food policy. It was created in 1862 as a regulatory agency to ensure an adequate and safe food supply for the American public and provide dietary advice to Americans. In essence, this agency is supposed to be our protector, like a parent who watches out for us and our best interests above all else.

The Truth about the USDA Food Pyramid

The primary agency responsible for American food policy is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which was created in 1862 as a regulatory agency to ensure an adequate and safe food supply for the American public as well as providing dietary advice to the public. The USDA published its first dietary recommendations in 1894. In 1916, the first food guide, called “Food for Young Children” was published. The author, Caroline Hunt, who was also a nutritionist, divided food into 5 groups:

Don’t Trust the Experts – Trust Yourself

Food is fuel for your body. Your body knows what it needs in order to keep running efficiently – it needs the fuel of vitamin and nutrient rich foods from a variety of food groups. That’s why it’s important to listen to your body and respond to its natural hunger. It will tell you what it needs, and if you don’t listen, it will find ways to keep reminding you – like headaches, a growling stomach, and obsessing about food.

The American Healthcare System Is Failing Us

#1 Failure: Did you know that one-third of all Americans younger than 65 are uninsured? This means that more than 61 million people are without access to affordable, essential health services. Many of these people don’t go to the doctor or get medication when they really need it – they can’t afford it. America is one of the richest countries in the world. We have security, freedom and a lifestyle that many people around the world desire. However, the US healthcare system is failing the people in this country because it is run like a business, increasingly focused on generating income for insurers and providers rather than providing care for patients.

You Are What You Eat

Scientific research has shown that the food we eat affects how we think and act. Take sugar, for instance. Eating sugary snacks can give you a high and make you feel energized. It causes your blood-sugar to go up and you get that woo-hoo good feeling. But, as soon as it goes down, you feel tired and a drop in your mood. Without giving it a lot of thought, we reach for those sweet snacks mid-afternoon when our energy starts to flag. Why? Having preprogrammed it, the subconscious knows this will give a burst of energy because it has in the past. Then there’s the fact that sugar is addictive. And to go a step further, sweet snacks (like candy bars) are easily accessible (from vending machines) or easy to take with you to work. If we slowed down and really listened to our bodies, however, they would tell us we need some quality protein instead of sugar. A protein snack (like string cheese) would give us a boost in energy without that steep drop afterward.