The American Healthcare System Is Failing Us

#1 Failure: Did you know that one-third of all Americans younger than 65 are uninsured? This means that more than 61 million people are without access to affordable, essential health services. Many of these people don’t go to the doctor or get medication when they really need it – they can’t afford it. America is one of the richest countries in the world. We have security, freedom and a lifestyle that many people around the world desire. However, the US healthcare system is failing the people in this country because it is run like a business, increasingly focused on generating income for insurers and providers rather than providing care for patients.

In the beginning, the medical establishment’s aim was to promote healing, but it increasingly relies on a pro-business model instead of a pro-health model at the expense of all Americans. Healthcare profits have become so important that businesses, squeezed by soaring health insurance costs, are passing an increasing share of the price tag to their workers. This, in turn, is forcing employees to dig deeper into their pockets to pay it or give up health care coverage altogether for themselves and their families. It is common nowadays for people to face bankruptcy from lack of coverage and the excessive subsequent medical bills. Moreover, many businesses close their doors (or never start up!) due to rising costs of providing insurance coverage to their employees.

#2 Failure: Americans are overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. If we’re lucky enough to have insurance coverage, we rely on medications and operations to maintain our health. We progressively pay more in insurance premiums, have less coverage, higher deductibles, less time with our doctors, get more prescriptions and less guidance on how to be healthy and stay that way.

There is a health crisis in America. Every day, 2,500 Americans die from cardiovascular disease and strokes. We suffer in increasing numbers from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression and reproductive issues. We take numerous medications, and sometimes have to take medication to treat the side effects of another medication. What’s wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t we be finding out what is at the root of our health problems and fixing that instead of getting treatment for numerous symptoms, which does nothing to fix the cause? In reality, we are making the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies rich while we are getting weaker and sicker every day.

One answer is that, we as individuals can decide to take control of our own personal health and the health of our families. There is a direct relationship between nutrition and your health – this is scientific fact. Poor nutrition = poor health and good nutrition = good health. It’s a good place to start; it’s not complicated; it’s within our control. Alternative and holistic medicine has been gaining more recognition and popularity in recent years. Their emphasis is more on natural living and preventative methods, such as adopting a healthy diet of more fruits and vegetables and whole grains while eating less processed and fast foods; getting more healthy exercise instead of being a couch potato; adopt a more positive attitude and control stress; get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. It makes sense!

Politicians have been arguing and proposing new healthcare plans for years and yet the costs continue to rise with no end in sight. The problems in our healthcare system are so huge and numerous, we, as individuals, cannot hope to fix it. However, we can let our government officials at the local, state and federal levels know that we are not happy with the healthcare system. We can tell them we want healthcare that really Cares about our health!