The Benefits of A Body Cleanse

If you’ve never done a body cleanse, it’s natural to be a little unsure, or even skeptical, but there are many good reasons to body cleanse. Body cleansing is a fairly simple process that can take just a few days or a month depending on what you choose to do. Just as your ‘outer’ body needs cleansing to be healthy, so does your ‘inner’ body.

What does a body cleanse do for you? It can purge bad habits, addictions, and unhealthy thought patterns. It can free your body of accumulated toxins and disease. Cleansing makes you feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and almost anyone can do it.

An excellent option is the morning cleanse. It increases energy and mental well-being. Just as your morning shower, a morning cleanse hydrates your body, particularly the colon, with fluids, and also prevents or relieves constipation.

Does your morning start off with several cups of coffee? Did you know that caffeine is one of the worst things you can put in your body first thing in the morning? It is a diuretic, which dries you out rather than hydrating your body. It is like rubbing alcohol instead of lotion on your already dry skin. Why not try hydrating your body every morning with 2-4 glasses of water instead and know you are doing something healthy for yourself?

A Morning Cleanse – ½ to 1 hour before your breakfast:
Drink 2-4 glasses of pure water. Add fresh lemon juice.
Have a good quality green drink powder.

Colon health is just as important to your body as other vital organs, and a good body cleanse keep your colon healthy and your digestive system happy.

The Colon Hygiene Procedure

Besides using a body cleanse for good general health, many people use them to relieve constipation. Unchecked, constipation can cause a multitude of health problems. It is the job of the colon to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. The kidneys and liver are also involved in this process. Prolonged constipation over-works all these organs and the result is that the toxins get reabsorbed in your system which leads to illness and disease. There are many choices that can be made to reduce and eliminate constipation. The greatest success in relieving this problem involves a multi-pronged approach, such as regular morning cleanses, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and an occasional colon hygiene procedure. For this you should consult a qualified colon hygienist.

What does this consist of? A colon irrigation uses water at body temperature to wash the large bowel. A short speculum attached to a tube is carefully inserted into the anus. Water is allowed to flow, under gentle pressure, into the colon in order to cleanse the colon of toxic waste. The colon is filled with water and emptied repeatedly, thereby promoting proper peristaltic action.

Alternating the water temperature from warm to cool serves to increase the cleansing action and strengthens the muscular walls, which high salt and acid concentrations have weakened. In a completely closed system, the waste is discharged through the machine and viewed through a glass observation tube.

You can expect your colon irrigation to be a gentle and comfortable procedure. A series of colonics helps facilitate improved colon function and general all-around health.

Good colon health depends on many things, and lucky for us that all of those things are within our reach. If you want real, long-term relief from constipation, and wish to live a life full of energy and vitality, it’s up to you to tweak your lifestyle in order to achieve success!