Simple Tips to Help You Exercise More

A lot of people say they ‘hate’ exercise, but I think what they really hate is the expectation of long hours of organized exercise for the rest of their lives. Joining a gym makes some people cringe, and others just can’t afford it. And a lot of people don’t have an extra hour or two each day for a brisk walk, a run or to do aerobics. Let’s face it, life is crazy busy these days. Now that the truth is out of the way and our excuses are made, what we do know is that some exercise each day is good for us – actually, it’s vital for good health. And it doesn’t have to be an awful chore we must face each day – it can be easy, customized, and fit into our busy schedules. And remember, to start with, any kind of movement can be considered exercise.

Here are a few tips:

  • Around the house, you can put some music on while you clean or cook. Take short breaks to dance to songs you particularly enjoy. Music and dancing can enhance your mood as well as burn a few calories. No room for an exercise DVD routine in your house? Walk in place while you watch a TV show every evening.
  • Short Workouts – For those who don’t mind some exercise, but don’t have time or enthusiasm to last an hour – just go for twenty or thirty minutes. Pop an exercise tape in at home – it’s easy, no-cost and no one will see you sweat. Shorter, but higher-intensity workouts can be better than longer ones and you can become more focused as a result.
  • Make exercise a social event. Two or three times a week, make a date to take a brisk walk with a friend, neighbor, your kids or spouse. It’s a great time to catch up on news or fun gossip while you’re relieving stress and moving for your health.
  • When you go anywhere, park further away from your destination so that you get some walking exercise to and from your car.
  • In bad weather, go to the local Mall and walk around inside for an hour or so. It will be entertaining and provide some exercise.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you get.
  • Go outside and rake leaves or cut the grass.
  • Do a good deed – take care of the lawn of an elderly neighbor or family member for the summer.

People over 40 . . .

For many people, getting up and being active can be the greatest challenge of all when working to revitalize and rejuvenate their bodies.

From a medical standpoint, it’s no secret that exercise poses exceptional health benefits no matter what your age might be. Making a consistent effort to get up and move can help reduce your risk of heart disease, and assist in managing your cholesterol.

Unfortunately, many of these health benefits only show up when you see your doctor and get blood work. That’s not often enough to pump up your motivation. But, you will see and feel the results – in your shape, your energy levels and on the scale.

Bettering your health can be as simple as 30 minutes of moderate daily activity. Combat your excuses by planning ahead and making activities a natural part of your day.

If you’ve tried exercising before, but were unsuccessful, don’t make the mistake of trying the same way this time. Do something new. Pick activities you can easily work into your day or find a buddy to exercise with. Sometimes it helps to have someone to share with and you can encourage each other. Also, start with a manageable amount of exercise time – even ten minutes to begin with. You can always work up to more as time goes on. The important thing is to get up and get moving!