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Green Tea: Ancient Beverage, Modern Health Brew

Around the globe, tea holds an exalted place among beverages. Actually, next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Among the different types of tea, Green tea is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants. Green, oolong, and black teas all come from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, but they are processed differently, which is what sets Green tea apart. The secret of Green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant with many known health benefits, and how these antioxidants are preserved is by steaming the tea leaves (which creates Green and White teas) instead of fermenting the leaves (which produces black and oolong teas). The fermentation process causes the EGCG to be converted into other compounds that are not nearly as effective in preventing and fighting various diseases.

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Small changes to your diet and lifestyle that can make a big impact. If you are not fighting your own battle with cancer today, chances are you know someone who is, or someone who has either already lost or won their fight.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

When we consume a diet of mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other whole, natural, unprocessed plant foods, we tend to have much better blood sugar control than those who eat more processed foods and high fat animal foods.

Antioxidants: The Answer to Vibrant Health

During the normal metabolic activity of our bodies, a process called oxidant stress occurs. Oxidant stress is the name given to the cellular process that results in the formation of reactive by-products. These by-products are types of oxygen, or free radicals, that steal nutrients from healthy cells, essentially starving them to death. As the affected cells begin to degenerate, they release more free radicals and the process has the potential to multiply exponentially.

The Antioxidant Power of Pomegranates

Few people give any thought to how important fruit is to their daily diet. It’s true that we’ve all heard about the food pyramid and that we should eat several servings of fruits and vegetables a day to be healthy, but do you honestly pay attention to that advice?

Sea Salt vs. Common Table Salt

When organic, unrefined salt is lacking in your diet, weakness and sickness follow. The problem with salt is not the salt itself but the condition of the salt we eat. Our regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original crystal salt. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride and not salt. With the advent of industrial development, our natural salt was ‘chemically cleaned’ and reduced only to sodium and chloride.

Added Fiber Equals Better Health

Did you know that older children, adolescents and adults need 20-35 grams of fiber per day, and most get only 10-15 grams/day or less? Would you like to be healthier? Eat more fiber.

Immune Boosting Foods

Using whole organic foods to boost the immune system can increase overall good health and nutrition. Foods that build your immune system are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acids. Including these foods in your weekly diet can improve your energy levels and decrease the number of colds and other bugs that you get every year.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Nearly 2,500 years ago Hippocrates is purported to have said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Granted, there weren’t many drugs around in 400 b.c., so the Father of Medicine might just have been covering his bases. Still, science has since proven that Hippocrates was indeed onto something—namely, that the food we eat can prevent and in some cases fight disease.

11 Healing Foods

Ever wonder what foods are best for you? Pondering which foods will keep you healthy and well can be a daunting task. A trip to the typical American grocery store can be a bit overwhelming between the competing ads, food labels and health claims. Your best option for choosing health foods is to trusts the appearance of food. Usually, “real foods” are found around the perimeter of the grocery store. In the middle of the store, you will find aisles and freezer cases filled with mostly processed foods aka “fake foods”.