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True Friendship

We learn the value of friendship from a very early age. True friendship is unconditional: it is an enigma – selfless loving and giving. Perhaps we are too busy pursuing our careers that we tend to ignore the most beautiful thing in our lives: love and friendship. Everyone has different ideas about relationships and the approach may differ. It helps one to know that there are ‘givers and takers’ in this world and a role reversal is quite unlikely. Friends may disappoint you sometimes by not living up to your expectations. One who feels that he or she is putting more into relationships need not feel nobler as others may not feel the same. Before you judge someone it is prudent to consider that he or she may be incapable of love or friendship in the same way. Therefore, it is the interpretation of the measure of love or friendship that is under scrutiny; perhaps the person who realizes this has earned the right to be noble.

A True Friend Is One In A Million

Over the years you start forming relationships with a lot of people starting with family and then friends. The friendship that you form begin at very young age and at all ages you keep on accumulating friends but as you grow older you also start to lose friends, some simply because of lack of time, some over little issues and some friendships by the nature they are formed are transitory in nature.