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The Importance of Whole Foods

When we think of malnutrition, we automatically think of under-developed nations that struggle to feed their people. While this is true, did you know that a large percentage of Americans are malnourished? How can this be, you ask? America is the land of plenty, and just look around – there is a real problem with people being overweight or obese! The fact that the ‘weight-loss industry’ is thriving can attest to that.

Organic Foods vs. Non-Organic Foods

Organic foods are raised without chemicals and processed without additives. Under standards adopted by the U.S. Agriculture Dept. (USDA) in 2000 and fully effective in 2002, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and antibiotics may not be used in raising organic foods, and the use of irradiation, biotechnology, and sewer-sludge fertilizer is also banned.

What Is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a word that gets tossed around all the time, but do you really know what it means? Most people would say it means the food we put into our bodies, and that’s basically true. However, the meaning of nutrition to us is a lot more complicated than that.